What’s new in recent releases?

(For bug fixes see the readme file on the Downloads page)

QM 3.0-3

Released 8-10-2012 The CATALOGUE command now has an option to specify the prefix character for a globally catalogued subroutine separately from its call name, allowing use of a prefix when cataloguing from a select list. The @LINE token can be used in QMBasic programs as the source line number in the module being compiled. The…


QM 3.0-2

Released 6-25-2012 The value of the FSYNC configuration parameter is temporarily set to zero while building an alternate key index. QMBasic object oriented programming method references can include an empty pair of brackets for improved compatibility with other OO langauages. The QMBasic SWAPMARKS() function now returns the original data when used on a non-ECS mode…


QM 3.0-0

Released 4-29-2012 This release includes the first stage of adding extended character set (Unicode) support to QM. Handling of double width glyph characters is known to be incomplete. The installation process can install either the 8-bit character version or the ECS version. Both versions are included in the installation download files. The maximum length of…