What’s new in recent releases?

(For bug fixes see the readme file on the Downloads page)

QM 3.4-19

5/22/20 WHAT’S NEW IN THIS RELEASE? The inline prompt construct now allows substitution of a QM configuration parameter using <<CONFIG(name)>>. The extension introduced at QM 3.4-11 to the mc4 and mc5 terminfo capability definitions to allow selection of the slave printer hsa been reworked to remove the AccuTerm control codes from the terminal definition. This…


QM 3.4-18

2/14/20 WHAT’S NEW IN THIS RELEASE? The CLOSE.ECI command terminates all External Call Interface child processes started by the process in which the command is executed. For compatibility with other systems, QM now supports the DECATALOG command to delete a local catalogue entry and its object code. The LIST.READU and PSTAT commands now show the…


QM 3.4-17

11/8/19 WHAT’S NEW IN THIS RELEASE? Dictionary I-type item expressions can now use the syntax where a value is followed by a format string with no intervening operator. The SAVE.LIST and GET.LIST commands now support use of a multifile. QMBasic class modules may now include initialisation values for private and public variables. The QMBasic MERGELIST()…


QM 3.4-13

What’s New in this Release? The COMPARE.FILES command compares the content of two files, optionally reporting differences. The PROC.IF.NO.CASE setting of the OPTION command makes the IF test in a Proc case insensitive. The QMBasic debugger can now expand non-printing characters when displaying string variables. This is controlled by the “^” command in the same…