The free Personal Version of QM is for private non-commerical use. It is primarily intended for use in self tuition or as part of an educational course. The Personal Version is not supported on a PDA.

The Rules

Use of the Personal Version is subject to some rules:

  • The Personal Version is intended for educational purposes, for small private projects, or for development of software that may become a commercial product for use by others.
  • If you develop an application that you want to sell to other users, you must upgrade to a commercial QM licence and the users to whom you provide this software must also have a commercial licence. If you give away your software without charge and it is not dependant on any other chargeable item, other users may freely run it on the Personal Version of QM so long as they also comply with these rules.
  • The Personal Version may not be used to run applications that are themselves chargeable software.
  • The Personal Version is restricted to running one interactive user, one phantom user and one QMClient session.
  • The QMNet remote file access mechanism is not available on the Personal Version for either incoming or outgoing connections.
  • The Personal Version limits file sizes such that no hashed file can store more than approximately half a megabyte of data. Attempting to write a record that would take the file over this limit will fail. Attempting to open a file that is already over this size will open it in read-only mode.
  • There is no free support for the Personal Version except for resolution of problems installing the software.
  • The Personal Version does not entitle the user to any other software available bundled with QM in a full commercial licence.

Activating a Personal Version version of QM

Install the commercial software in the usual way. When asked for the licence number, enter the word ‘Personal’.
A copy of QM authorised as a Personal Version licence can subsequently be relicensed as a full commercial system without needing to reinstall the software.