Taking MultiValue where it has never been before

If you have an existing MultiValue application or are about to start developing a new application, OpenQM may just be the solution you have been seeking. OpenQM offers a cost-effective, high-performance environment in an extremely efficient footprint, a fraction of the cost of other MultiValue database environments.


Why OpenQM

OpenQM has long sought to revolutionize the MultiValue industry, taking MultiValue to new heights of performance and expectation. OpenQM support and maintenance is now available for the first time directly from Zumasys, one of the largest development and engineering teams in the MultiValue market. With technical support engineers located across the United States and England, you’ll always be able to reach someone who knows the importance of keeping your MultiValue application up and running.

Our software developers, technical support engineers, infrastructure experts, and cloud engineers will work with you to support, protect, and modernize your OpenQM database—whether on site or in the cloud.


OpenQM began in 1993 as an embedded database from Ladybridge Systems. It was released in its own right in mid-2001 on Windows systems and extended to Linux in 2003 and FreeBSD in 2004. In 2015, OpenQM announced a partnership with Zumasys to provide worldwide distribution and to create a comprehensive telephone support/maintenance program. Based upon the success of that partnership, Zumasys acquired OpenQM in January 2019.

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Rely on Zumasys support

Access expert technical support from Zumasys

Reduce TCO

Lower cost of ownership up to 20% compared to other MultiValue database applications

Streamline transition

Ensure a smooth migration from existing systems

Improve performance

High-performance database with minimal footprint

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