OpenQM and jBASE are two MultiValue database products owned by Zumasys.  Both offer rich function, excellent legacy system compatibility for ease of migration and advanced capabilities.  Here is a comparison of the two products:

Capability OpenQM jBASE
Owned by Zumasys, Inc. Zumasys, Inc.
Created by Ladybridge Systems jBASE International
Released 2001 1992
Author’s Roots Universe (Prime Information) Microdata Reality
Pick / Universe / D3 emulation Yes Yes
Case Insensitivity Switch settable Switch settable
Ability to store data in SQL, Oracle, MySQL No Yes
AccuTerm Terminal Emulation Yes (included) Yes (additional cost)
Supports AIX Yes Yes
Supports Linux Yes Yes
Supports Windows Server Yes Yes
Supports Mac Yes No
Architecture Interpreted P-Code Native C-Code
Middleware QMClient (included) jAgent (included)
Restful Interface MvConnect (available) MvConnect (included)
Concurrent User Licensing Available Available
MultiSession Concurrent User Licensing Available Available
CPU Licensing Model No Available
Web Session Licensing No Available
Encryption Yes Yes
Internationalization UCS-2 UTF-8
Remote File Access Yes (QMNet) Yes (jRFS)
Object Oriented Programming Yes Yes
Dynamic Objects No Yes
Objects with Class Methods Yes Yes
Inbuilt JSON Methods Yes Yes
Exception Handling (Try, Catch, Throw) Yes Yes
Transactions in BASIC Yes Yes
Transaction Journaling Beta (Resiliency Option) Yes
Replication Available (Resiliency Option) Available (Trans Journal Option)
Clustering No Yes
Largest single server installation (to date) ~600 ~4,500
UK Resources Yes Yes
Support (8×5) Yes Yes
Support (24×7) Yes Yes
Virtualization/Cloud Supported Yes Yes
Documentation Quality A+ B (in process of updating)
License Cost (North America in USD) $116/user $405/user ($99 trade in)
Maintenance/Support $23/user $70/user
Disaster Recovery License 21% of MSRP 10% of MSRP