“I thought, ‘I don’t even care if it’s the same amount of money [as Universe].’ The benefits of what we were going to get were that significant.”

Justin Orton

“When we needed a product to migrate our MultiValue solution to, OpenQM provided a simple migration path with the lowest cost-benefit.  Today, several years later, OpenQM still supports our application, with full GUI and web service features. Simple, yet amazingly powerful and with a great ROI.”

Simon Verona

“Everything we were hoping for with OpenQM has come to pass. We’ve been able to deliver all the benefits of the cloud in a cost effective way for our customers. The quality of the product from Zumasys is phenomenally stable. It’s practically bulletproof. And we didn’t have to wait for our investment to start paying off—we started seeing ROI within 12 months of implementing the product. The best part is, our customers get a faster, more stable product, and it didn’t cost them a penny more.”

Ben CramerDSI Solutions

“We are constantly amazed and gratified by the utility of OpenQM. OpenQM has allowed us to build a great GUI interface into the database because the interface is SO fast and efficient. Well done.”

James WoodsApplied Concepts Inc

“I have always been basically a D3 guy, but after loading and playing with QM for a bit, all I can say is WOW! It is really, really nice and exactly what I have been looking for these last few years!”

Wayne MillerMiller Data

“I keep asking myself, Why would anyone buy anything else? You’ve got a great product, and it beats the others hands down, in my opinion, not to mention it costs way less.”

Steve AlexanderENG Resources, Inc.