The latest version of OpenQM can be downloaded here along with applications, tools, external connectors and user contributed source code. In most cases only the first downloadable item listed below for the relevant platform is needed. The QMClient components are separately downloadable for all platforms for situations where the client and server are different.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous release, simply install the new version over the top of the old version.

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QM Release 4.0-7
Release NotesDownload17kbReadme.txt file.
QM for Windows (32 bit)Download15MbSelf extracting archive for full Windows installation including documentation and QMClient.
Download4.6MbMinimal self extracting archive for Windows installation. Omits documentation library.
Download15kbQMClient qmclivb.dll (Windows, 32 bit VB.Net)
Download178kbQMClient qmclient.dll (Windows, 32 bit Visual Basic)
Download216kbQMClient qmclilib.dll (Windows, 32 bit C)
Download29kbQMClient qmclilib.lib (Windows, 32 bit Microsoft C)
QM for Windows (64 bit)Download15MbSelf extracting archive for full Windows installation including documentation and QMClient.
Download5.3MbMinimal self extracting archive for Windows installation. Omits documentation library.
Download15kbQMClient qmclivb.dll (Windows, 64 bit VB.Net)
Download209kbQMClient qmclient.dll (Windows, 64 bit Visual Basic)
Download261kbQMClient qmclilib.dll (Windows, 64 bit Microsoft C)
Download28kbQMClient qmclilib.lib (Windows, 64 bit Microsoft C)
QM for Linux (Intel, 32 bit)Download2.4MbSelf extracting archive for Linux installation (Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Centos, etc).
Download212kbQMClient library libqmclient.a (Linux 32 bit)
Download193kbQMClient shared object library (Linux 32 bit)
QM for Linux (Intel, 64 bit)Download2.5MbSelf extracting archive for Linux installation (Centos, Ubuntu, etc).
Download246kbQMClient library libqmclient.a (Linux 64 bit)
Download213kbQMClient shared object library (Linux 64 bit)
QMClient for JavaDownload15kbqmclient.jar (pure Java version)
QMClient definitionsDownload11kbqmclilib.h (C function declarations, all platforms, 32 or 64 bit)
Download10kbqmclient.bas (Visual Basic function declarations)
Download10kbqmclient.vb (Visual Basic function declarations)
Download11kbqmclient2005.vb (Visual Basic function declarations)
Download40kbqmclilib.ansi.cs (C# function ANSI declarations)
Download42kbqmclilib.unicode.cs (C# function Unicode declarations) (PowerBasic function declarations)
Download31kbqmclient.pb (PureBasic function declarations) (Python function declarations)
InterfacesMore info PHP for Linux
More info Virtual File System handlers
Download2.1kbExternal call server skeleton
DocumentationDownload8.4MbAll pdf documents listed below as a zip archive.
Download2.3MbHelp text for Windows clients.
Download3.0MbFull documentation as browser HTML pages (zip)
Download9.3MbOpen QM Reference Manual (fully hyperlinked pdf)
More info Quick Reference Guide (hard copy document)
Message text sourceDownload118kbFor users who wish to create non-English message libraries.
ECS character mapsDownload Base map (included in standard download)
Download Dutch
Download French
Download German
Download Italian
Download Polish
Download Spanish
Download Unicode. Includes all Unicode case pairings and character types
USBConfigDownload70kbConfiguration tool for USB installation (needed only prior to release 3.0-9).
AccuTermDownload Click to download AccuTerm 7.3 for licences that include it.
Migration to OpenQMVisit web site Getting Started in OpenQM - This excellent document was written by a QM user and is highly recommended for users looking to migrate to QM.
Download284kbGeneral guidance for users migrating to OpenQM from D3 or mvBase.
Download4.0kbSource code for D3 compatibility programs.
Download193kbGeneral guidance for users migrating to OpenQM from UniVerse or Unidata.
Deprecated Platforms
QM for Mac OS X (Intel, 32 bit)
(Version 4.0-5)
Download2.3MbSelf extracting archive for Mac OS X installation on 32 bit Intel processors.
Download198kblibqmclient.a QMClient library (Mac Intel 32 bit)
Download160kbqmclilib.dylib QMClient dynamic library (Mac Intel 32 bit)
QM for Mac OS X (Intel, 64 bit)
(Version 4.0-5)
Download2.3MbSelf extracting archive for Mac OS X installation on 64 bit Intel processors.
Download197kblibqmclient.a QMClient library(Mac Intel 64 bit)
Download173kbqmclilib.dylib QMClient dynamic library (Mac Intel 64 bit)
QM for FreeBSD (Intel, 32 bit)
(Version 4.0-5)
Download2.2MbSelf extracting archive for FreeBSD installation.
Download210kblibqmclient.a (FreeBSD 32 bit)
QM for FreeBSD (Intel, 64 bit)
(Version 4.0-5)
Download2.3MbSelf extracting archive for FreeBSD installation.
Download247kblibqmclient.a (FreeBSD 64 bit)
QM for AIX (RS6000, PPC)
(Version 4.0-5)
Download6.1MbSelf extracting archive for AIX installation on RS6000 PowerPC processors.
Download200kblibqmclient.a QMClient library (RS6000)
QM for Raspberry Pi
(Version 4.0-5)
Download2.5MbSelf extracting archive for the Raspberry Pi (Debian, Raspbian, Pidora).
Download201kblibqmclient.a QMClient library (Raspberry Pi)
Download191kbQMClient shared object library (Raspberry Pi)
Obsolete Platforms
QM for Mac OS X (PPC)
(Version 2.12-8)
Download1.8MbSelf extracting archive for Mac OS X installation on PowerPC processors.
Download126kblibqmclient.a (Mac PPC)
QM for Solaris 10 (Intel)
(Version 4.0-4)
Download5.5MbSelf extracting archive for Solaris 10 on Intel processors.
Download207kblibqmclient.a QMClient library (Solaris)
QM for PDA (Windows Mobile 5)
(Version 3.3-2)
Download882kbWindows installer files that are executed on a PC connected to the PDA using ActiveSync. Beware that some mobile devices do not provide sufficient functionality to run QM.
QM for PDA (Windows CE)
(Version 3.3-2)
QM for Linux (zSeries, 64 bit)
(Version 3.0-5)
Download2.1MbSelf extracting archive for zSeries Linux installation (Suse).
Download228kbQMClient library libqmclient.a (zSeries Linux 64 bit)
Download205kbQMClient shared object library (zSeries Linux 64 bit)

We are pleased to include here brief descriptions of applications, development tools and interfaces available from ourselves and partner companies. Some of these are available free of charge, others are chargeable packages. Zumasys cannot guarantee the accuracy of the description text and does not specifically endorse any product.