Relationship with Pick/MultiValue

Since age 11, Paul Giobbi, CEO of Zumasys, has been working with the Pick DBMS. In the 1970s, Giobbi’s father started a manufacturing software company called Interactive, Inc. (which was later acquired by Epicor Software).

The Giobbis went on to run International Spectrum, a business that produced the Pick DBMS industry magazine and trade shows under the same name. Spectrum later coined and trademarked the term “MultiValue” for the Pick DBMS. Working at Spectrum, Giobbi grew up deeply immersed in the unique culture of the Pick market, interacting with industry vendors, partners, and end users.

At age 18, Giobbi made his very first sales call to Scott Shadle, a Texas Instruments distributor looking to enter the MultiValue market and participate in the Spectrum trade shows. Six years later, Giobbi left the family business to join Shadle at Jones Business Systems (JBS), a fast-growth Unix software distributor based in Houston. Giobbi deepened his experience with Pick through JBS’ acquisition of the Pick Systems distributor Orion Pacific Technologies. Over the next three to four years, JBS grew into a $65 million company. JBS eventually morphed into VeriCenter, an early application hosting company that was sold to SunGard in 2007.

When Pick Systems was purchased by TigerLogic (formerly Raining Data), Giobbi and his late business partner Joe Cupp split off from JBS and founded Zumasys in 2000. From day one, Giobbi and Cupp knew they wanted Zumasys to be more than a technology reseller. With their history in legacy applications, they began developing a unique value proposition centered on the applications that matter most to their customers.

Years later, the technology has changed, but our mission remains the same. We take homegrown applications, ERP systems and business-critical applications of all types (SQL, Oracle, Pick, Progress and more) and layer on world class infrastructure, cloud and mobile to move these applications forward. Our customers don’t have to choose between the modern technologies they want and the applications they need to run their businesses.

Since its inception, Zumasys has made a series of strategic decisions, investments and acquisitions to strengthen the value that we bring to Pick/MultiValue customers. Our strategy for our MultiValue customers has always been one of rejuvenation. We take our customer’s so-called “legacy” Pick applications and move them to the cloud, provide mobile access and modern GUI interfaces, and allow them to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. MultiValue customers do not have to choose between the modern features, efficiencies and technologies they want and the database on which they’ve built their business.

With Zumasys, customers gain an enthusiastic team that averages more than 30 years of experience with MultiValue systems. We help customers achieve major cost savings, gain flexibility, improve performance, and transform their business to get the features they’ve always wanted but didn’t think were possible.

Leading the way in cloud computing

In 2006, we launched the Zumasys Cloud with the migration of our first cloud customer, WCM Investment Capital. Today, tens-of-thousands of users rely on our cloud platform to access their most critical applications 24/7/365. As an infrastructure and cloud solution provider, we offer a balanced approach that sets us apart from both the big-name commodity cloud providers and the numerous cloud startups that are appearing on the scene.

We work closely with our customers to develop custom cloud solutions that blend on-premises and cloud resources to support their mission-critical applications. We offer white-glove service, from the strategy to the migration itself, to help our customers move to the cloud how and when they choose—”all in” or one app at a time. We also offer premium features, like high-speed primary storage, offsite replication, and 24/7, in-house support, standard in all of our cloud offerings.

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