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Nucleus Technology provides a FAST TRACK to developing and deploying enterprise-level software applications for Web, GUI or Green-Screen using a single set of host-based rules.

Nucleus accelerates the design and development of robust applications ranging from simple screens, to sophisticated distributed systems that support a mix of platforms, terminal types, and communications protocols. Nucleus is unparalleled for developing new applications or re-deploying entire systems with a fresh new look, on time and under budget. Nucleus applications are easy to modify, enhance and support.

Nucleus working in conjunction with Accuterm enables easily deploying a Graphic User Interface (GUI) as the Accuterm GUI library has been completely integrated within the design structure of Nucleus. Developers using Nucleus can take full advantage of the Accuterm GUI without having to write a single line of additional code.

The Nucleus environment features fully integrated Version, Change and Source Code controls, easily-managed user security administration featuring controls down to the field level, a short learning curve and extremely Rapid Deployment. Standard Nucleus features include:

Consistent operation of applications reduces training costs and improves worker retention.

Easily navigated screens with integrated help, look-ups, drill-downs and built-in validations, improve user productivity as well as accuracy and data integrity.

Standardized cross-referencing provides default b-tree lookups without coding.

A standard application framework quickly accelerates development and simplifies end-user support.

New interfaces using .NET, Java, Plone, Zope and Web Objects are in the pipeline.

Web applications created with the Nucleus / StarSite interface use the same rule-sets (and code) as character based (text) and Accuterm / GUI applications, ensuring data integraity.

Platform independence. Nucleus applications support all modern Pick environments including D3, UniVerse, UniData, QM and Reality X.

Productivity enhancements of 200% or more are not uncommon.

Binary Star Development Corporation, 1640 Riverland Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 USA
Toll free: (866) 882-1888, or: +1 (954) 791-8575. email: info@binarystar.com, http://www.binarystar.com
Evaluation copies of Nucleus are available to responsible parties without charge.
Demonstrations of Nucleus can be arranged across the Internet without charge or obligation.

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