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KnowledgeBase 00052: Heading and Footing Extensions

Last updated: 27 Dec 2018
Applies to: All versions
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QM adds some useful new control codes to the definitions of page headings and footings. Everything described below for headings applies equally to footings. Except for the B control code which is specific to the query processor, all codes apply to both the query processor and QMBasic applications.

B - Breakpoint Text

The B heading control code used in conjunction with the B code in a BREAK.ON or BREAK.SUP qualifier captures the new value of the breakpoint field and inserts it into the heading. This is common to many multivalue products but can only be used on one breakpoint. QM extends this for multiple breakpoints by qualifying the B code with a single digit number, 0 to 9. Use of B0 is equivalent to use of B.

Combining C and G

QM allows the C (centre) and G (gap) control codes to be used meaningfully in the same line of a heading. The line is considered as a number of sections separated by the G control codes. The section in which the C code appears is centred and then items either side are set out in the remaining space.

H - Horizonal Position

The Hn control code sets the column number (from 1) at which the remainder of the text on the same line will start.

O - Odd/Even Page Reversal

The O control code reverses the sequence of the G separated elements of a heading line on even numbered pages. This can be useful when printing double sided reports.

Other Control Codes

The following control codes behave similarly in QM as in other multivalue systems that support this style of heading control code.

D   Insert the date
F   Insert the file name (query processor only)
I   Insert the record id of the first record on the page (query processor only)
L   Insert a newline
N   Suppress pagination
P   Insert fixed width page number
R   Insert the record id of the first record on the page (query processor only)
S   Insert variable width page number
T   Insert the date and time

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