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OpenQM News from Previous Years

16 October 2012: QM released for the Raspberry Pi.

QM release 3.0-4 is available for the Raspberry Pi computer. A five user licence for this platform is available free of charge for genuine educational establishments. Support of QM on the Raspberry Pi is part of a project to increase awareness of the multivalue data model.

26 March 2012: Revelation launches QM connector.

The QM connector for Revelation Software's OpenInsight product is now available.

26 March 2012: Pavuk Systems releases Pavuk 3.0 Beta

Pavuk Systems has announced availability of Pavuk 3.0 beta. This version introduces a number of new features as well as dramatic improvements in speed.

24 February 2012: Mellins i-Style adopts QM.

South African optometric company Mellins i-Style has migrated their business systems to a 230 user QM server.

Read the case study.

18 April 2011: Revelation announce development of QM connector.

Revelation Software have announced that they are developing a QM connector to enable their products to operate with the QM database.

Read more at www.revelation.com

4 April 2011: Arcoinet launches Visual Data Race.

At the 2011 International Spectrum Conference, Spanish company Arcoinet announced the new Visual Data Race data visualisation tool. Based on QM, this tool displays business data as a simulation of a race, providing a highly intuitive interpretation of the source data.

This product has been renamed eMotion Data
Read more at www.emotiondata.com

17 February 2010: OpenQM chosen by AutoData Systems, Inc.

AutoData Systems, Inc, specialists in retail accounting and reporting systems in the petroleum sector have chosen the OpenQM database to upgrade software installed at 300 outlets.

17 December 2009: Ladybridge Systems secures relationship with Information Capital

Nashville based Information Capital, suppliers of software solutions to local government, have ported a web development toolkit with over 100,000 programs to QM. This toolkit forms the basis of applications developed by their six subsidiary companies and is in use throughout the United States.

22 October 2009: OpenQM certified for Windows 7

Following the full release of Windows 7, QM has been certified for this environment.

6 October 2009: OpenQM presented at Arcoinet Conference

The second Arcoinet multivalue user conference held in Bilbao, Spain featured a presentation discussing migration to QM and an overview of object oriented programming. Feedback from conference attendees was very positive.

Read more at www.fimvalue.com (Spanish)

30 September 2009: OpenQM certified for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Following release of Apple's upgraded operating system version 10.6 for the Mac, QM has been certified for this environment.

1 April 2009: Device Licensing Further Reduces Costs

OpenQM licences now have the option of device licensing, permitting multiple connections from the same client to share a single licence. This can reduce costs in situations where many users have, for example, both a telnet session and a GUI application open at one time.

4 March 2009: BookMasters Go Live On OpenQM

BookMasters, one of the largest distributors of books in the United States, have completed migration of their 105 user business system from D3 to QM. Running on a quad core Xeon system with five 32Gb Managed Flash Technology drives (www.easyco.com), the migration has significantly reduced costs and is delivering outstanding performance. Application level read rates averaging in excess of 95,000 records per second have been recorded. Some reports that previously took several hours to complete now run in just a few minutes.

29 January 2009: SpoolerPlus Available for OpenQM

Sysmark Information Systems have ported their SpoolerPlus Pick print spooler to OpenQM. SpoolerPlus provides the print spooler and print queues to which print jobs and printers can be assigned to ensure a flexible and efficient use of printers to print all print jobs.

28 October 2008: Ladybridge Delivers OpenQM Training in Spain

Following the very successful multivalue conference held in June, OpenQM dealer Arcoinet worked with Ladybridge Systems to deliver a three day training package for users intending to migrate to QM. The first day explored the areas of an application affected by migration, day two was devoted to advanced features of QM, and day three was largely spent migrating the client software.

15 October 2008: 253 Technologies Development Tools Migrated to OpenQM

South Africa based 253 Technologies has announced that their 253DNF Visual Studio framework, previously available for D3, mySQL and SQLServer, is now available for OpenQM users.

8 October 2008: MITS to Provide Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions for Ladybridge's OpenQM Database

Developers of the OpenQM database, Ladybridge Systems Ltd, and leading business intelligence and reporting solutions provider, Management Information Tools, Inc. (dba MITS), are pleased to announce MITS compatibility with OpenQM. This includes the entire MITS product line; the flagship OLAP/BI solution, MITS Discover and MITS Report for ad hoc reporting.

25 June 2008: mvToolbox Enters Beta Test on OpenQM

The mvToolbox suite of multivalue development tools is now available for beta test on QM.

18 June 2008: OpenQM Scores Top Marks at Arcoinet Conference

Following a highly sucessful presentation of OpenQM at the Arcoinet conference in Bilbao, the conference organisers have said that QM was the highest rated multivalue product in the feedback survey from attendees.

6 June 2008: OpenQM Released for Intel Mac

Ladybridge Systems today announces availability of the OpenQM multivalue database product for the Intel version of the Apple Mac.

15 May 2008: Arcoinet Conference Announced

Ladybridge Systems will be delivering a presentation about OpenQM at the Arcoinet conference in Bilbao on 17 June. This conference will bring together multivalue vendors, resellers and users in Spain.

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