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Multivalue Database Training

On-site training for users of OpenQM, UniVerse and Unidata is available directly from Ladybridge Systems at highly competitive prices.

Our courses follow a modular design and are constructed to meet your exact needs ranging from a short overview through to a complete developer package.

Please email training@ladybridge.com to discuss training options or to book a course.

OpenQM Training

Introduction to OpenQM (3 days)

OpenQM Administration (2 days)

(Prerequisites: Familiarity with all topics from the Introduction course)

OpenQM Programming (5 days)

UniVerse and Unidata Training

Elements can be extracted from the course outlines below to form bespoke courses that meet your specific requirements. Training in additional topics can also be arranged. Click on the links below for more details of these courses.

UniVerse/Unidata Essentials (2 days) more

UniVerse/Unidata Developer (3 days) more

(Prerequisites: Familiarity with all topics from the Essentials course)

UniVerse/Unidata Introduction (3 or 4 days) more

UniVerse Administration (3 days) more

(Prerequisites: Familiarity with all topics from the Essentials course)

UniVerse/Unidata Programming (5 days) more

Facilities Required
We rely on the client to provide suitable training facilities. The training room needs to have a whiteboard or similar and adequate desk space. Each student should have a terminal connected to the UniVerse or Unidata system with their own login id and a suitable directory which will be used as a training account. Network access or a suitable terminal should also be provided for the trainer. For System Administration courses, students will need to be able to gain administrator rights. Provision of refreshments is the responsibility of the client. We also ask clients to try to ensure the minimum of interruption to training sessions.

Ladybridge Systems cannot provide effective training if the above facilities are not available.

Charges and Conditions
Our charges are significantly lower than those of most training suppliers. Please contact us for a quotation.

Invoices are normally raised on completion of the course and are due for payment within 30 days. Cancellation less than 10 working days in advance will be charged at full price. Cancellation at least 10 working days but less than one calendar month in advance will be charged at 50% of the price. There is no rebate for individual students who are booked on the course but do not attend without prior notice.