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We are pleased to be associated with the companies whose web site links appear below.

253 Technologies 253 Technologies is a software development company specialising in database application and software tools development for multi-dimensional and SQL Databases.
Kosday Solutions Kosday Solutions, located in Spain, develop and provide products and services for QM and other Pick/MV DBMS platforms.
BinaryStar.com Application development tools. Click here for more details.
BlueFinity BlueFinity International supplies leading-edge software development tools and consultancy services to the multivalue and Microsoft developer communities.
Crowell Systems Medical applications.
G2 - Multiple User Interface and Web development toolkit.
DesignBais Software to design and create enterprise wide web-based applications
  EasyCo Superfast flash media technology. Also provide leased servers and other business services.
Maverick Systems Maverick Systems provides development and support services for MultiValue and SQL database systems. They provide traditional MultiValue development as well as integrating MultiValue databases with modern technologies including websites, windows desktop applications, web services, office productivity applications integration and other services.
mvToolbox mvToolbox is a programming environment for developing and maintaining multivalue applications.
MyPickCloud Pick Cloud Inc., located in Newport Beach, CA and founded by Mark Pick (son of Dick Pick), provides a cost effective, worry free, secure environment while at the same time preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue applications through smarter processes and more efficient technology. More information about Pick Cloud, Inc's products and services can be found at www.mypickcloud.com.
Nebula R&D Nebula Research and Development provides products and services for QM and other Pick/MV DBMS platforms, specializing in integration with external applications, systems, and software, using Microsoft .NET and other technologies.
Pavuk Systems Pavuk IDF - one-step-to-web Internet Development Framework for web-based database applications. Bringing MV to the web - no coding required and exclusively on QM
Performant Systems PerSay MultiValue Software Design System, a commercial grade tool for developing screens and reports for Multivalue database systems.
Revelation Software OpenInsight for QM. A database development toolset for both the desktop and browser-based environments.
Stage7 Software Systems Stage7 Software Systems supply and develop packaged applications using advanced world-class databases.
Sysmark Information Systems Sysmark Information Systems, Inc. is a software migration specialist providing SpoolerPlus, a generic Pick print spooler for users migrating application to OpenQM, minimising modification to embedded print commands. SpoolerPlus also provides the print spooler and print queues to ensure a flexible and efficient use of printers for all print jobs.
Winnix The Winnix Integrator is a thin client that allows workstations' graphical interfaces and traditional character-mode applications to operate together using Terminal Server (TSE/RDP) or Citrix (ICA). Winnix is available with OpenQM transfer protocols to Windows and OpenQM full-page editor.
Zumasys Worldwide distributor for OpenQM.