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Short Case Studies

These short items have been published as received from the named QM users. Because Zumasys is highly responsive to user comments, some of the issues mentioned have been dealt with since the user completed their migration.

There are also some more detailed case studies available.

Edward Crowell, CTO, and Sally Crowell, President, Crowell Systems

In 1983 Crowell Systems began using the Pick System which we enjoyed for many years until Dick Pick's untimely death. Since that time, we have used 11 or 12 different versions; but none of them can begin to compare with the quality and flexibility of QM.

When we began using Linux as our operating system, we switched to the QM database management system. We have been and are extremely satisfied with it as well as the service we receive. It is the most feature rich version we have used and when we needed something added or fixed, we either call or email and it is done overnight and waiting for us on our server the next morning.

This is the first time we have been able to actually request something special from any vendor and actually receive it. All of the other vendors simply refused to do any custom work even after we explained why it made sense to add it to their product offering.

We are still learning all the feature that are built in it. Recently, we have been developing a VB version of our system. We are using many of the functions built into QM. The really special feature is that we are able to run the VB version and our more traditional version concurrently using the same database.

In summary, we have been very pleased with our experiences with QM not only as an excellent database management system; but also as a responsive company that understands how business is run. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Jack Yates, AutoData Systems Inc.

Over the last twenty years we have developed a convenience store back office reporting system for a major petroleum-based customer. Originally utilizing Revelation G for the application environment and operating on the IBM DOS computer; then progressing to Windows-based computers. In 2007 the customer moved to a new Point of Sale (POS) system utilizing Suse Linux. Due to time, resource and cost issues we didn't want to rewrite the back-office software and didn't want to convert the software to the newer Revelation offerings.

We searched for a product that would require minimal applications changes, meet our new platform parameters, offered reasonable licensing cost and provided great support. OpenQM was that product.

QM was the perfect match for us. Our software is written using very simple multivalued techniques and commands resulting in virtually minimal application conversion issues. QM was quick to install and easy to understand. We simply installed our RevG code, compiled the programs and were up and running in a very short time. We did encounter client-to-host communication issues due to the fact that we were changing protocols; moving from XModem to FTP. Those communication routines were rewritten, with the final result performing much better than the original processes.

Our customer once again thought we were computer wizards and we have QM and the Ladybridge group to thank for that.

Derrick Marchand, 253 Technologies

253 Technologies has been a D3 VAR and used D3 at a variety of customers for the better part of 30 years. Primarily motivated by the potential cost saving of migrating to OpenQM, we have moved two of our clients onto the Windows platform and are looking at moving a further two.

The initial learning curve was steep and it also entailed us having to re-code connectivity in our application packages written in Visual Basic.Net. The main problems have been identifying the OpenQM equivalent of various D3 functions used in subroutines and translate conversions in dictionary items. As the bulk of the software functionality is now stored in the VB.net environment we use the database mainly as a data store.

In this regard OpenQM has performed admirably and several of its inherent features have been more than useful in simplifying our daily support. These include copying to and from the database to the file system where the reserved characters (such as *) are automatically converted and being able to simply copy files folders from servers to development databases without requiring device creation commands. This has helped get some of our newer (and younger) staff members acclimatized quicker.


  • Easy windows copying and backup using Windows explorer and backup
  • No hassles installing client connectivity (no ODBC drivers, special accounts and listener services)
  • One service controls all connectivity
  • No need to shutdown before rebooting windows
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Reliable support in same time zone
  • Stable
  • Easy installation and upgrade procedure


  • Lack of GUI tools such as File Manager, settings
  • Case sensitive can cause problems
  • Different dictionary types

Steve Trimble, President, Computerized Data Mgmt inc

Originally, all of our code was based on the Mentor/mvBASE PICK flavor. Some of our code dates back to 1978 when we were running Microdata REALITY. We had written a tremendous amount of our code based on a third party web server, Coyote, from EasyCo. Trends had us changing presentation from terminal to browser based applications. Our research proved to us that QM was to become our future. Not only was it the most economical, but it offered everything and more to handle our applications. Over the past 7 or so years, we have migrated flawlessly and enhanced several areas outside of the standard QM environment. QM/Linux/Apache/Coyote became our environments of choice. We also have quite successfully handled QM/Windows/USB sticks. The EasyCo company sells an app that speeds up USB sticks and SSD drives that far exceed the read/write speeds of hard drives. QM staff handle issues and support professionally and expediently. They have enhanced migration capabilities to provide for smoother transition to QM. Their PICK flavor far exceeds our expectations and capabilities.

Just a few bullet points:

  • Dynamic hash files have zero admin maintenance or management
  • Runs on Windows, USB sticks, Linux and variations, AIX, Mac OS X (and others)
  • QM License includes AccuTerm (terminal emulator with GUI development)
  • Retrieval language includes output to industry defined csv files
  • An API for client side languages such as Visual Basic, Java, PHP, C (and others)
  • Real time data encryption using 128, 192, or 256 bit algorithms (a MUST have)
  • Built-in connection and real time access to other QM servers using the normal programming language
  • Reading, writing, deleting, appending of underlying environment files (ie: Linux or DOS files)
  • Flavor modes, easing migration to QM
  • PROC support (for real old time PICK code)
  • Online easy to use documentation

There are so many features and accommodations. If something that you need is NOT there, it can probably be added.

A very grateful and appreciative customer for life.