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External VFS Handler Downloads

This page lists external VFS handlers that are available for source code download.

Pre-built versions of external VFS handlers may also appear here if the licensing terms for the related database package allows redistribution. Where a pre-built version is not available, users will need to compile the source program, using whatever libraries and include files are needed from their database product installation. See the relevant manufacturer's documentation for more information.

Before using a VFS handler, including pre-built handlers, please read the comment text at the top of the source code version as this may describe important issues that must be considered before using the VFS handler. In the worst case, failure to observe usage rules may result in corruption of data on the remote system.

Submission of handler programs for environments not currently listed here is always welcome.

Right click on the Download text and select Save Target As. (Mac users should hold down the Apple key and click).

Skeleton programDownloadSkeleton program for new developments.
UniVerse/UnidataDownloadSource code.

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