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Racine Enterprises Inc., Home of Purveyor Software and the BuildingBlocks 4GL RAD Tools (BB4GL)

Fast as blazes and service-oriented (SOA), Purveyor is the state-of-the-art software that doesn't just keep your books, but actually helps your company make serious profits. Supported by REI's BuildingBlocks4GL Fourth Generation Language and Rapid Application Development Tools (BB4GL/RAD), the software products together provide the competitive edge your company needs in the fast moving distribution, supply, and manufacturing businesses.

Now highly integrated with Microsoft Office via AccuTerm, Purveyor and the BB4GL have a complete set of Excel spreadsheets and charts which launch directly from the application's programs to analyze customer-product, customer-vendor, and vendor-product relationships as well as simple product, customer, and vendor trends. You can use built-in charts or do your own analysis. Purveyor has customer and vendor special MS Access tables and reports as well as the ability to load data from custom reports for you to create your own custom MS Access and Excel tables, forms, reports, queries, and analyses. Support is enhanced by the ability to capture screens of system or application problems to automatically generate an MS Outlook E-mail, including the captured screen, to Purveyor Support for you to describe the problem. Colored Backgrounds and Music liven up the user interface and help support staff quickly identify which part of the system is being worked. New MS Access invoicing and statements options allow the user to never buy boxes of printed invoice or statement paper from printing companies again, using your own scanned forms as backgrounds. The Administrator and User Manuals have been recently reviewed, updated, and new manuals created.

Put your application on a solid foundation with the BuildingBlocks4GL Fourth Generation Language (BB4GL), Racine Enterprises Inc. own powerful set of RAD Tools and utilities. This product was used to build Purveyor and is a robust set of programs, subroutines, menus (SUI and GUI), compiler includes/code snippets, verbs, and VOC items which, when properly applied, can completely transform your existing application or start a new one using our state-of-the-art methods. REI designed and developed the BB4GL independently to accelerate the development of the REI Purveyor Software application and to offer as a separate product. These were developed from experience with other systems and applications and pulled heavily from best practices there. These "building blocks" make creating a new application, or upgrading an old one, practically "child's play!".


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