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NebulaXLite allows QM developers to deliver real Excel spreadsheets to end-users rather than simple CSV files. You can create real Excel workbooks which include:

  • multiple spreadsheets
  • column widths and row heights, defined or autofit to data
  • merged cells
  • formatted data values
  • conditional formatting
  • pivot tables
  • sorts & filters
  • hide & freeze
  • formulas with absolute or relative addressing
  • colors, fonts, patterns, borders, and other style detail images
  • comments

NebulaXLite spreadsheets work with OpenOffice and Google Docs, can be run over any Windows or *nix Operating System, and don't need Excel, PHP, or third-party communnications products anywhere in the environment.

NebulaXLite does more than just decorate your data

  • Metadata fields include Company Name, Keywords, and Document Title, Description, and Category.
  • Date and Time data are stored in GMT/Zulu format.
  • Default GMT offset from server is stored in the document.
  • Default printing specs are embedded in the document.
  • Each spreadsheet has a name.
  • The generating program can set the active spreadsheet and cell which will be visible when the document is first opened.
  • Units are properly converted among Points, Pixels, and Inches.
  • Default masks are provided for common Date and Time values.
  • Other common constant values are defined to minimize development and runtime errors.
  • Documents can be opened and manipulated in a browser.

Visit the product page to download a free developer copy, see customer testimonials, and visit the open forum and issue/request tracking system.

Nebula Research and Development provides products & services for QM and other Pick/MV DBMS platforms, specializing in integration with external applications, systems, and software, using Microsoft .NET and other technologies.


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