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CSV to XLS Conversion Utility

By Alan Gruskoff, Performant Systems

I am often asked to provide output from the database in a spreadsheet XLS file. I had been using the XLS output mode built into AccuTerm, which works fine, but I wanted more formatting control. Finding an Open Source PHP module that does CSV file to XLS file output with a high degree of formatting, I built a shell around that to use as a production conversion tool, to accomplish high format XLS file creation from an ASCII CSV file, for corporate user's consumption. As a PHP program, it should work on any O/S that you can install PHP 4.3 or better onto.

CSVtoXLS.php Program Notes

A PHP utility to convert CSV data into business class XLS spreadsheet files, tested as compatible with OpenOffice 2.0 Calc and Excel 2000. It is provides for a high level of spreadsheet formatting and also offers formulas. CSVtoXLS.php takes advantage of those features and provides meaningful formatting and a simple Column SUM automatically generated at the bottom of any Decimal Column.

See http://performantsystems.com/CSVtoXLS.html

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