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QM Spreadsheet Data Transfer Tool

Donated by Ed Jahn


XFR.SS provides export of data from multivalue database files to spreadsheets, and import from spreadsheets to multivalue database files. It can be thought of as a report generator with update capabilities. The export produces a spreadsheet whose column headers identify the data fields. The import uses these column headers and the data dictionary to update the fields.


This software and documentation are provided strictly as-is, with no warranty of any kind. It is intended for developers, not end-users. If not used with care, it could cause data corruption.

Note that:

  • It handles only one database file at a time. It does not manage relationships between multiple files.
  • It is written for QM. It uses features of QM which may not be available in other multivalue environments.


XFR.SS can be used for:

  • Mass update of database files, using spreadsheet functionality.
  • Export of data to other systems.
  • Import of data from other systems.


Click here to download a copy of this software and associated documentation (64kb zip file).

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