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What is Open Source?

Open source also allows developers to extend the product by developing new components. Although it is easy to add new commands to the standard QM environment by writing QMBasic programs, you cannot make changes to the internal operation of the product. With open source you have full rights to make whatever changes you wish to the source code to create your own private variant of the QM environment. The General Public Licence also allows you to make your modified software available to others but only on the condition that all your changes and related software become open source too.

The open source version of QM is intended as a "sandbox" for developers who want to experiment with adding their own features to the core multivalue engine that cannot be implemented at the QMBasic level. This version is based on release 2.6-6 from November 2007 and contains only the core multivalue database components but it is adequate for the purpose for which it was released. The advanced features found in the commercial product are not included. It is unlikely that there will be a further release under the GPL.

The source code is released as a package that will build on Linux though users are free to migrate it to other environments.

This version of QM and modifications made to it can be freely used and distributed within the terms of the General Public Licence. In common with all software released under the GPL, the open source version comes with absolutely no warranty or support. For guidance on which version is right for you click here.

The terms of the GPL require that, if you modify the modules that form the open source release in any way, you must also release those modifications in open source form under the same licence. You must not remove the copyright notice embedded in every source code module or the GPL licence message and warning re lack of support that is displayed on entry to the product.

Applications that you build using the open source version and for which you hold copyright to the source code are themselves redistributable under whatever terms you wish to apply. Software compiled on the open source version may not be executed on the commercial version or vice versa.

We strongly recommend that if you have a need for a feature that is not already in OpenQM, you discuss this with Zumasys with a view to adding it to the standard product. By doing this, you remove the possibly costly task of building the open source version, have use of all the other developments that have occurred since the source release and have a fully supported product.

Open source developers are encouraged to contribute new components to the product and will receive the contributions of other developers. Modifications must comply with the terms of the General Public Licence. For more information on how to develop modifications that are intended for submittal for inclusion in the product, see Developer Information.

Visit the open source download page or see the open source resources.