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FusionWare Products

FusionWare Integration Corp. (FWIC) has two distinct middleware product sets for MultiValue; ODBC and Direct. The latter was originally based on OLEDB and has grown from there.

All prices shown below are as at September 2011

FusionWare mvLynx Relational Provider (ODBC)

This consists of four components (separate downloads and installs): mvLynx Relational Driver, mvLynx Relational Designer, mvLynx Data Access Server (DAS), and (optionally) mvLynx JDBC Driver.

  • The Driver is a 32-bit Windows ODBC driver.
  • The Designer is a VB program used to administer the ODBC environment.
  • The DAS is an Account/Directory image (LIBERTY Account) that needs to be added to the MultiValue environment.
    • Licensing is done inside the DAS.
    • The installation process offers to install a 30 day key.
    • Best practice has one phantom process for each licensed connection, plus one extra phantom for the Monitor process.
    • Licensing is for ODBC connections. A Windows application can open multiple such connections; they do NOT necessarily each consume a communications channel.

Basic Installation is for all three components and a 4 connect License which prices out at:

   Driver1@CAD$295plus Annual Maintenance CAD$59
   Designer1@CAD$995plus Annual Maintenance CAD$199
   DAS1@CAD$1,995plus Annual Maintenance CAD$399
   Connects4@CAD$195plus Annual Maintenance CAD$39
The Optional JDBC driver is:
   JDBC Driver1@CAD$295plus Annual Maintenance CAD$59

The heavy lifting in this product is done on the MultiValue side, and the primary job of the Client side is interface and communications.

FusionWare mvLynx Direct Products

This consists of a core set of components and then a number of independent add-ons.

The Core components are:

  • mvLynx Direct Data Access Server (DAS)
    This is a new MV account (GAXOLEDB)
  • mvLynx Direct Designer
    This is a VB.NET program to administer the Direct environment

The Add-ons are:

  • mvLynx OLEDB Driver
    This is the original OLEDB driver (COM component), still available for backward compatibility.
  • mvLynx Managed Provider
    This is the current technology driver, it is a pure managed code (.net) component so that it will work equally well in both 32 and 64 bit environments. Our YouTube videos are based on this driver.
  • mvLynx JDA
    This is the Java Client for this environment
  • mvLynx Reporting Services Provider
    This provides the special interface required for proper functioning with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • mvLynx Crystal Dataset Provider
    This provides a sample interface for Crystal Reports
  • mvLynx 2SQL Client
    This is the data extraction tool. It uses the metadata from the MV system to create/verify a set of tables on the relational target, and then extracts, normalizes and loads data from the MV source to the Relational target. The source can be a Pick file or a the output from a Basic program. The client runs in two modes: licensed and un-licensed. In un-licensed mode it will only process the first 100 MV records.
  • mvLynx Managed Query Tool
    This is a simple standalone version of the Query Tool embedded in the Direct Designer. Useful for running sample queries and directly exporting the results to Excel.
  • mvLynx Copy2mv
    This Utility copies records from a MV source to a MV target. The source and Target do not need to be the same version or flavour. Fully scriptable on the windows client.
  • mvLynx Connect API
    This is an efficient way to allow the MV environment to read/write a Relational environment. The connection(s) to the relational environment are maintained outside of MV so that the overhead of opening and maintaining these is offloaded. An efficient pooling mechanism is built in to allow a minimal number of Relational connections to service the MV system. Control is from the MV side.

The minimal useful installation is for the two core components plus any one of the optional ones.

Pricing is:

   Direct DAS1@CAD$995plus annual Maintenance CAD$199
   Direct Designer1@CAD$495plus annual Maintenance CAD$99
   Run Time License4@CAD$195plus annual Maintenance CAD$39
   OLEDB Driver1@CAD$295plus annual Maintenance CAD$59
   Managed Provider1@CAD$495plus annual Maintenance CAD$99
   JDA1@CAD$995plus annual Maintenance CAD$199
   Reporting Services Provider1@CAD$695plus annual Maintenance CAD$139
   Crystal Dataset Provider1@CAD$150plus annual Maintenance CAD$30
   2SQL Client1@CAD$1995plus annual Maintenance CAD$399
   Managed Query Tool1@CAD$150plus annual Maintenance CAD$30
   Copy2mv1@CAD$695plus annual Maintenance CAD$139
   Connect APIvaries by platform (windows, linux, AIX) from CAD$3285 + CAD$657.

The foregoing is the standard retail pricing. VARs may offer different pricing. Note that a VAR sold and supported system need not have the Designer included; the VAR may elect to use a Designer installed at their own premises to maintain a customer system.

Visit the FusionWare web site for more information.

Note: The text for this page was provided by the software supplier. Zumasys cannot guarantee its accuracy and does not specifically endorse the product.