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UniVerse and Unidata Toolkits

UniVerse Toolkit is a collection of software utilities for users of the UniVerse relational database management system. The Unidata Toolkit offers most of the same functionality for the Unidata environment.

These tools are of particular interest to users who have migrated to UniVerse or Unidata from Prime INFORMATION or PI/open where similar utilities are provided as part of the standard product, however, they also offer benefits to other users.

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The SED full screen editor provides UniVerse and Unidata users with the same functionality as the EDFS editor of Prime INFORMATION or PI/open plus many more features.

The UPDATE.RECORD utility provides UniVerse and Unidata users with the same functionality as its counterpart in Prime INFORMATION and PI/open plus some useful extensions.

The SHOW verb provides interactive select list generation for UniVerse and Unidata users. A subroutine interface allows application programs to contain embedded calls to this software.

The COM_EDIT command line editor is available only for UniVerse and allows use of the cursor keys to edit the command stack.

Although the original PI/open versions of UPDATE.RECORD and SHOW are now in UniVerse and there is an approximation of the command line editor, our versions include some really useful extensions and are also available for Unidata.