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PerSay is a software development system for building visual models of text based entry screens and reports utilizing the advanced query language of the multiuser, multivalue QM database system. PerSay instantly turns a visual model into robust compiled BASIC code, providing multiuser software ready for business applications. With the included Dictionary editor 'Dr. Dict' along with many other tools, PerSay provides a complete environment for database developers.

With PerSay, a new user is given good examples to understand how to take advantage of this advanced database environment. Experienced multivalue database developers will find PerSay a joy to use. Complete business systems can be built in hours instead of weeks. Having PerSay provide the robust framework for software allows a developer to focus on the creative work of design, rather than having to hand code every line. The consistency and easily discerned flow of the instantly generated BASIC code provides developers an advantage.

Originally created in 1991, PerSay has evolved into a feature rich system, proven over years of use. The latest version includes a major upgrade to the dictionary editor to provide full support for all OpenQM dictionary record types (A, D, I, C, L, PH, S, X).

Performant Systems, Pasadena, Califormia

Voice: +1-626-768-2648, web: http://www.performantsystems.com/persay/

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