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What Was New in Release 2.5?

QM 2.5-6

This release launches the PDA version of QM for general release.

The ACCOUNT.RESTORE, RESTORE.ACCOUNTS and SEL.RESTORE commands now all support the NO.INDEX option to omit creation of alternate key indices.

The QMBasic SYSTEM(1031) function can be used to return the operating system process id number.

QM 2.5-3

The LISTU command now shows the time at which each process logged in.

The QUERY.NO.CASE setting of the OPTION command now also causes the query processor to perform sorts in a case insensitive manner.

Declaration of a QMBasic FUNCTION and SUBROUTINE when passing an entire matrix argument can now reference the dimension values in the argument list instead of using the MAT prefix and a separate DIMENSION statement.

The QMBasic SUBROUTINE statement can be abbreviated to SUB for compatibility with other multivalue environments.

The QMBasic SYSTEM() function now returns the temporary directory pathname for key 38 and the login time as date * 86400 + time for key 1030.

QM 2.5-2

The MAP command has been modified to show the date using an alphabetic month to avoid confusion over American and European date formats. A similar change has been made to the dictionary of the $MAP file.

A fault in the USB install process has been corrected.

QM 2.5-1

The LOGMSG command can be used from the command processor (for example, in a paragraph) to write a message to the error log file in the same way as the equivalent QMBasic statement.

The V$SELECT() public subroutine of the Virtual File System now requires an argument that will be used to pass the select list number. In many cases, the subroutine may not need to use this argument but it is required for a VFS handler that implements partial select list processing. There are also three new entry points to the VFS handler: V$CONTINUE.SELECT, V$COMPLETE.SELECT and V$END.SELECT. See the QM Reference Manual for more details.

The SYSCOM QMCLIENT.PB record has been amended to allow for changes in the latest version of PureBasic.

QM 2.5-0

This release adds support for QM on Mac OS X and on Windows Mobile PDAs.

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