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What Was New in Release 2.7?

QM 2.7-0   (released 6 Jun 2008)

This release adds support for the Intel Mac.

The FORM.LIST command now has an optional TO clause to create a list other than list 0.

The SET.DEVICE command now has a NO.QUERY option to suppress the confirmation prompt if a device is already assigned.

The USING element of the QMBasic MATPARSE statement now defaults to a field mark if omitted.

The PICK.SELECT option of the $MODE QMBasic compiler directive can be used to enable behaviour of SELECTV (and SELECT when $MODE SELECTV is in effect) that is compatible with Pick style systems where, if the default select list is active when the statement is executed, this list is transfered into the target variable. The SELECTE statement provides a neater way to do this.

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