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What Was New in Release 3.2?

QM 3.2-4   (released 17 Jan 2014)

The CREATE.FILE command can now set the descriptive comment text in the VOC item.

The DELETING option to the GET.LIST command causes the list to be deleted from the $SAVEDLISTS file after loading into memory.

The PHANTOM command now supports the concept of process groups in which child phantom processes can be set to automatically logout if their parent process terminates. The GROUP qualifier to the user number in the LOGOUT command will extend the action to terminate all phantom processes started by the process being logged out.

The PHANTOM command can now specify an alternative location for the log file created by the child process.

The KEEP option to the SAVE.LIST command leaves the active memory based list in place after saving the disk copy.

The ALL option to the SET.TRIGGER command enables all trigger modes.

The QMBasic INPUT and INPUT@ statements now have an optional fill expression for improved compatibility with other systems.

A QMBasic PHANTOM statement has been added to allow a program to start a phantom process without the small overhead of an EXECUTE.

The SADD(), SCMP(), SDIV(), SMUL() and SSUB() QMBasic functions have been added to perform arithmetic operations on integer numeric strings of any length.

Two new keys have been added to the QMBasic SYSTEM() function. Key 1057 returns the user number of the parent of a phantom process, if it is still running. Key 1058 returns a field mark delimited list of child phantom process user numbers.

A new QMClient dynamic link library, qmclivb.dll (32 and 64 bit), is now provided for Visual Basic .Net applications. Use of this DLL also requires the corresponding qmclilib.dll to be installed. Support for Visual Basic versions 5 and 6 in QMClient (qmclient.dll) has been withdrawn though the old DLL should continue to operate.

QMClient now supports the QMEnterPackage() and QMExitPackage() functions for control of licensed packages.

The QM security system (ADMIN.USER command) now has an option to deny access to the interactive command prompt for specific user names.

QM 3.2-3   (released 6 Nov 2013)

An F-type VOC entry can include a mode flag N in field 6 to cause the file always to be opened in non-transactional mode.

The new LIST.TERM.TYPES command displays a list of terminal types for which terminfo definitions are available.

The PTERM command has been extended to add a QUERY mode that can be used to determine the character sequences sent by specific keys. This is of value when constructing terminfo definitions.

Support for Unix domain sockets on Unix and Linux systems has been added.

QM 3.2-2   (released 18 Oct 2013)

The name of the QMClient library for programs written using Microsoft C has changed to qmclilib.lib. The older qmcllbms.lib will continue to be included in the release for a while but developers are recommended to modify build procedures to use the new name. Users of Borland C should see KnowledgeBase article 113.

QM now supports the S conversion code for Soundex.

When in edit values mode, the ED editor now shows the field and value positions as part of the line number. This can be suppressed by including NO.EV.POSITION in the $ED.OPTIONS VOC record.

The SED editor now has a NO.CASE.EXPLORE option in the &SED.OPTIONS& record to sequence items in an explore buffer using a case insensitive sort.

Inline prompts can now use quoted prompt strings to allow for restricted characters.

The query processor FROM option now supports the NONE keyword to ignore an active default select list.

The NO.PAGE option can be applied to all query processor commands so that, for example, the list of unfound records from a select operation can have pagination suppressed.

QM 3.2-1   (released 2 Aug 2013)

This release fixes a bug that causes some right aligned sorts in the query processor to sequence the data incorrectly.

There is one minor change of functionality:

The QMBasic SSELECT, SSELECTN and SSELECTV statements have been extended to take an optional NO.CASE qualifier.

The QM Quick Reference Guide has not been updated at this release.

QM 3.2-0   (released 29 Jul 2013)

This release includes improved security control in the Virtual File System (VFS). This is incompatible with previous releases and will require minor changes to any application that uses the VFS. See KnowledgeBase article 00107 on the openqm.com website for full details.

The internal sorting system used by QM has been exposed for general user use. An application can create one or more sort sessions, each with up to 32 nested keys, load data and then extract the sorted results.

A simple debugger has been added to the Proc processor.

The CT command has been amended to suppress display of the object code embedded in compiled dictionary items when using the default display format.

The INHERITS clause of the QMBasic CLASS statement has been extended to allow the object variable name to be set explicitly.

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