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Migration Tools

These tools are probably largely obsolete though we occasionally receive calls from users who find a need to restore very old media.

The Migrate_IT package enables users to transfer data from Prime 50-series systems to Open Systems. Although most Prime users have long since moved to Unix based systems, there are a few Prime systems still in use and a vast volume of archived legacy data that must be able to be restored for legal reasons.

The programs in this package are:

  • rst50 - Restores a Prime MAGSAV tape of any revision and any tape type onto a Unix system. rst50 supports full and partial restores, multi-reel saves, multiple saves per reel, text and binary files and much, much more.

  • cvt50 - Converts Prime INFORMATION files restored using rst50 for use with PI/open. This technique is usually very much faster than use of SAVE.ACCOUNT and RESTORE.ACCOUNT.

  • uvt50 - Converts Prime INFORMATION files for use with UniVerse.

  • udt50 - Converts Prime INFORMATION files for use with Unidata.

Migrate_IT is the only magnetic tape restore and conversion package written by staff from the original teams that developed the 50-series MAGSAV software and PI/open with the full co-operation of VMark and access to all internal tape and disk format specifications.

The tools have been used world-wide by some of Prime's largest accounts.

"We would have had to close down our California membership business system for 10 days if we would have utilised the SAVE/RESTORE.ACCOUNT process. Using Migrate_IT we were able to migrate our entire 11Gb database within 30 hours"
(Debra A Mader, Manager, Technical Services - FHP Inc.)