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KnowledgeBase 00047: LIST.FILES - Who Has That File Open?

Last updated: 17 Feb 2017
Applies to: All versions
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This article was originally published as a Tip of the Week.

Sometimes it is useful to know which files are open and by which users. The LIST.FILES command provides this functionality.

Which Files?

With no additional options, the LIST.FILES command shows the pathnames of all files open across all QM sessions.

   Number of files open = 4. Peak = 16. Limit (NUMFILES) = 40. 
The first line of this report shows the total number of files currently open, the peak number of files that have ever been open simultaneously, and the limit on the number of open files.

The NUMFILES configuration parameter sets a hard limit on the number of QM files open, system wide. Multiple processes opening the same file only contribute a single file to this count. The LIST.FILES command is very useful in determining whether the NUMFILES parameter should be increased. Setting it too low will result in application failures. Setting it significantly too high causes a very small performance degradation.

Using LIST.FILES with the BRIEF option shows only the first line from the default output.

Who Has Each File?

The DETAIL option extends the report to show the user numbers and user names for each QM process that has the file open.

   Number of files open = 4. Peak = 16. Limit (NUMFILES) = 40. 
    2 smithm, 7 sales 
    2 smithm, 7 sales 
    7 sales 
    7 sales 

Adding a filename after the DETAIL keyword restricts output to the named file.

Specific User

Using the USER option restricts the report to show only the files open to the process with a specific user number. If no number follows the USER keyword, the report is for the process in which the command is executed.

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