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Taking Multivalue Where It Has Never Been Before...

OpenQM™ offers the lowest total cost of ownership for a fully supported high performance commercial multivalue database product. Multivalue databases embrace the growing No SQL movement and are widely accepted to be faster, simpler and lower cost than relational databases.

The Commercial Version

QM is available on Windows, Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Suse, etc), FreeBSD, AIX, Mac OS X and Solaris. Please ask if you need other platforms.

QM scales from single user systems to those running very large user communities and is ideally suited to today's big data applications, hosted on private servers or in the cloud.

A list price of less than one fifth of the price of some other multivalue products makes the total cost of ownership of the QM database highly attractive.

All new commercial QM licences include activation of the latest AccuTerm - a complete GUI environment and terminal emulator - at no extra cost.

Standard features include:

  • A managed application environment for rapid development, reliability and ease of maintenace.
  • A zero maintenance file system for ease of use and minimal system administration.
  • Query processor output in tabular, CSV and XML form.
  • QMClient API for secure access to QM files and execution of commands and programs from other languages such as Python, PHP, Java, Visual Basic and C/C++/C#.
  • QMNet for access to QM data files on other servers.
  • Virtual File System for access to alien file structures.
  • Interface to MySQL and Sybase for SQL retrieval and update.
  • Encryption of data files and network data for QMClient and QMNet using AES 128, 192 or 256 bit algorithms.
  • Object oriented programming and exception handling fully integrated into the QMBasic programming language.
  • Data collections, arbitrarily multi-dimensional datasets as name/value pairs, simplifying processing of JSON and similar data representations.
  • Extensive user security options including account restrictions, QMNet server access control and PAM authentication.
  • IPV6 support for the latest networking standards.

Licence options include:

  • Reduced cost licences for standby systems.
  • Device licensing to allow multiple connections from the same client system to consume only a single licence.
  • Data replication for maintenance of standby servers or reporting systems

To download QM release 3.4-13 click here.

For third party applications and development tools, click here.

The Personal Version

There is a free Personal Version of QM available for non-commercial use. It is intended primarily for educational purposes but can be used for small private projects.

Developer Licences

Genuine application developers with a product to sell into the general market are entitled to a free annually renewable four user developer licence.

Migration to QM

Although QM is not a clone of any other multivalue environment, it includes many features that provide a high degree of compatibility and minimise the effort required to migrate applications.

QM can import data from standard ACCOUNT-SAVE, FILE-SAVE and T.DUMP exports and has tools to extract data directly from some other environments.

Programs, scripts and dictionaries often require only minimal changes.

Read case studies of users who have migrated to QM.

An assisted migration service is available to help you get up and running on QM quickly.