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00059System Startup Scripts
00047LIST.FILES - Who Has That File Open?
00050Security Subroutines
00010Object Code Management
00054Executing Code on a Remote Server
00070Populating an Excel Spreadsheet from QM
00112Using the Mouse in Character Mode Applications
00116Debugging Procs
00009Developing a Web Site Using OpenQM
00110Changing the Phantom Log Name
00003Sending Emails (Windows)
00106Handling Binary Data in QM
00023Using Multi-Threaded Sockets
00114Socket Inheritance
00095Repeated Record Locks
00028Precision, FLTDIFF and INTPREC
00034Making Applications Work Across Timezones
00093Application Portability Between Platforms
00022Executing Commands on the AccuTerm Client
00109SSELECT Sort Order
00113Use of Borland C
00117Checking for Phantom Termination
00077Using Slave Printers
00079The GENERATE Tool
 Conversion Codes (4 articles)
 Debugging and Diagnostics (5 articles)
 File System (13 articles)