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KnowledgeBase 00005: Migration From D3 - The SYSTEM() Function

Last updated: 27 Dec 2018
Applies to: All versions
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The SYSTEM() function enables a program to determine many different things about its operational environment. The key values used by this function are different on each multivalue product. This article shows how the key values defined on the D3 product relate to functions available in QM.

There are many additional SYSTEM() function key values in QM as described in the QM Reference Manual.

D3QM EquivalentDescription
SYSTEM(0)STATUS()User number of blocking user when in the LOCKED clause of a file system action.
SYSTEM(1)SYSTEM(1)1 if PRINTER ON is in effect, else 0.
SYSTEM(2)SYSTEM(2)Page width of default print unit output device.
SYSTEM(3)SYSTEM(3)Page depth of default print unit output device.
SYSTEM(4)SYSTEM(4)Lines remaining on current default printer page.
SYSTEM(5)SYSTEM(5)Current page number on default printer.
SYSTEM(6)SYSTEM(6)Current line number of default printer.
SYSTEM(7)SYSTEM(7)Terminal type. Also available as @TERM.TYPE
SYSTEM(8)NoneBlock size for attached tape.
SYSTEM(9)SYSTEM(9)Cumulative CPU time in milliseconds.
SYSTEM(10)SYSTEM(1068)Is ston in effect in Proc?
SYSTEM(11)SYSTEM(11)Is the default select list active? The exact implementation is not quite the same as in D3. See also the SELECTINFO() function.
SYSTEM(12)SYSTEM(1020)Time in milliseconds since midnight.
SYSTEM(13)SYSTEM(13)Relinquish timeslice. See also RQM.
SYSTEM(14)SYSTEM(14)Number of bytes in type-ahead buffer. Alternatively, use KEYREADY() to determine if there is any data waiting.
SYSTEM(15)SYSTEM(15)TCL options in effect.
SYSTEM(16)SYSTEM(16)Command processor level. Same as @LEVEL.
SYSTEM(17)NoneD3 returns message numbers from EXECUTE.
SYSTEM(18)SYSTEM(1013)Licensed user limit.
SYSTEM(19)SYSTEM(19)Unique id formed from date, time and possible suffix.
SYSTEM(20)SYSTEM(20)Returns last spooler job number.
SYSTEM(21)SYSTEM(21)Returns date with sequential numeric suffix.
SYSTEM(22)SYSTEM(22)User number. Same as @USERNO
SYSTEM(23)NoneD3 returns process privilege level.
SYSTEM(24)SYSTEM(25)Is this a phantom process?
SYSTEM(25)NoneD3 returns number of items in secondary list.
SYSTEM(26)SYSTEM(1000)Is capturing on with EXECUTE?
SYSTEM(27)NoneD3 returns state of TCL case insensitivity option.
SYSTEM(28)NoneD3 returns state of Basic case insensitivity option.
SYSTEM(29)NoneD3 returns indication of R83 WHO compatibility.
SYSTEM(30)STATUS()User number of blocking user when in the LOCKED clause of a file system action.
SYSTEM(31)SYSTEM(1066)Returns last form queue number assigned in SP.ASSIGN.
SYSTEM(32)SYSTEM(1067)Returns default group size.
SYSTEM(33)SYSTEM(33)Returns calling subroutine name.
SYSTEM(35)SYSTEM(1013)Licensed user limit.
SYSTEM(36)NoneD3 identifies if running FlashBasic.
SYSTEM(37)NoneRelated to D3 FlashBasic.
SYSTEM(38)NoneD3 returns system identification information.
SYSTEM(39)NoneD3 indicates whether spell checker is active.
SYSTEM(40)NoneD3 returns tape reel number.
SYSTEM(41)OS.ERROR()Operating system errno variable.
SYSTEM(45)SYSTEM(45)Returns name of the current program.

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