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KnowledgeBase 00116: Debugging Procs

Last updated: 27 Dec 2018
Applies to: All versions
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QM includes a simple Proc debugger, mainly intended for use when migrating applications.

Entering Debug Mode

The Proc debugger is entered by use of the DEBUG command within a Proc. This command is only valid on Windows QMConsole sessions and on AccuTerm using a terminal type with a -at suffix. This is because the debugger requires support for screen save and restore.

The Debug Screen

The Proc debugger shows a portion of the Proc around the current line and also the content of the PIB, POB, SIB and SOB buffers. The currently active buffers are highlighted.

Debugger Commands

F1 or ?Show help screen.
F4 or VView application screen.
F5 or RRun (exit from debug mode).
F8 or SStep.

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