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KnowledgeBase 00020: Using PHP with QM on Linux

Last updated: 22 Jul 2016
Applies to: QMPHP version 2.5.0
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The PHP extension described here was donated by a QM developer and is published by Ladybridge Systems with no guarantees or warranties. It is released on a strictly "as is" basis to the public domain.

The notes that follow are taken from the readme file that is part of the installation package.

QMPHP is a free PHP extension that provides access to QM through the functions that are exposed via the qmclilib library.

Any requests for assistance should be directed to the author of this package, Montgomery Tidwell, by email to montgomery@mftidwell.com.



To download the compressed file, right click here to go to the QM PHP page, right click on the download link for the version you wish to install and select Save As.

Expand the compressed file and follow the instructions in the Readme file.

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