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OpenQM Testimonials

After looking in the multi-valued marketplace for a contemporary platform, we recently transitioned over 100,000 programs to run on QM. We found QM to be a solid and reliable development that made our transition easier than anticipated. Additionally, the support received from Ladybridge throughout this process was stellar! In addition to all of this, we cannot wait to begin taking advantage of the modern features that QM offers. Finally, we have found a multi-valued database that is capable of carrying our company's applications into the future.
Ethan Crawford, Information Capital

Over the last 28 years I've worked with D3, Universe, Unidata, Jbase, Revelation, and one other flavor. Hands down QM is my first choice. No competition.
Bro Cope, DMCons, Inc.

I've been using QM for 2 years for a law firm package originally written for R83. I've been extremely impressed with the efficiency and stability of the product as well as the tremendous support. I had some issues early on that were resolved very quickly and have not had a problem since. QM is a really great product.
Mel Maresh, Kain & Reedy, PC

When choosing MV systems for creating the Pavuk Internet Development Framework, OpenQM on the Intel Mac is the system of choice for speed, security and reliability. The first licensee being a multi-million-dollar healthcare information system and services company, the choice of database and platform was a key consideration. OpenQM running on Apple Xserver is, without a doubt, the very best system that I've used in my 28 years of MV systems development.
Bill Crowell, President, Pavuk Technologies, LLC

I keep asking myself, Why would anyone buy anything else? You've got a great product, and it beats the others hands down, in my opinion, not to mention it costs way less.
Steve Alexander, ENG Resources, Inc.

I have always been basically a D3 guy, but after loading and playing with QM for a bit, all I can say is WOW! It is really, really nice and exactly what I have been looking for these last few years!
Wayne Miller, Miller Data

We are constantly amazed and gratified by the responsiveness of Ladybridge and of the utility of QM. QM has allowed us to build a great GUI interface into the database because the interface is SO fast and efficient.
Well done, Ladybridge. Well done.
James Woods, Applied Concepts

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