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Resources and Solutions

This page provides links to application development resources and solutions.

We are pleased to include here brief descriptions of applications, development tools and interfaces available from ourselves and partner companies. Some of these are available free of charge, others are chargeable packages. Please click on the item description for more details.

If you have an application, development tool, etc that might be of interest to other QM users, free or chargeable, please ask about including it on this page.

Applications CSV to XLS Conversion Utility
NebulaXLite Excel spreadsheet generation
QM spreadsheet transfer tool
REI Purveyor Software and BB4GL RAD Tools
Stage7 Web Server Module
Application Components XML parser
Development Tools AE (Alternative Editor)
Browser based rapid application development (DesignBais)
Nucleus (Binary Star Development Corporation)
Web application development (Pavuk Systems)
PerSay (Performant Systems)
Interfaces FusionWare products including 100% Managed Provider and Java Data Adaptor
PHP for Linux
External Virtual File System handlers
Source code A generalised field input subroutine
A subroutine to validate a bank account IBAN number
QMClient definitions for PowerBasic
RESTful web application (tar file)