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Please select one of the options below:

I purchased my QM licence from a QM reseller.

I purchased my QM licence directly from Ladybridge Systems.

I have an evaluation licence.

I am using the Personal Version of QM

Customers purchasing QM through a distributor or dealer should contact them for support. They will be able to advise you of their support procedures and any costs involved. If they are unable to help, please contact Ladybridge Systems directly using either method described below.

Customers purchasing QM directly from Ladybridge Systems should click here to submit a support query via this web site or send an e-mail to support@openqm.com. We will provide reasonable help in using QM without charge for 60 days from the date of issue of the licence. Beyond this date, users may receive support on a 'pay per incident' basis.

Users are recommended to keep reasonably up to date with new releases. Support for versions over two years old may not be available.

Please ensure that you include your licence number and QM version details in all support requests.