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QM is available licensed for simultaneous use by one user upwards.

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Licence Options

Device Licensing

Device licensing allows multiple connections from a single client to share a QM licence. This feature is available at a small surcharge on the base licence price for use with QMConsole, AccuTerm (2k2 5.3c or later), Winnix (version 3), QMTerm and QMClient. Connections from any other source will not take part in device licensing. Three options are available: two sessions per licence, four sessions per licence and eight sessions per licence. Device licensing is not available for use with terminal concentrators, web servers or other systems where multiple physical clients may appear to be the same.

Standby Licences

Permanent licences can include a second system used only as a standby in case the primary system should fail. The standby system licence must be identical to the primary licence and may not be used at the same time as the primary system except for routine maintenance.

Resilience Features

Data replication is available as an optional resilience feature. The data replication option is required only on the publisher system(s). When used with a licence that includes a standby system, purchase of this option covers both the primary and standby systems.