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KnowledgeBase 00037: The Private VOC

Last updated: 27 Dec 2018
Applies to: All versions
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Developers frequently want to add personal items to the VOC file. It is usually necessary to implement some sort of naming convention to avoid clashes and a periodic purge of unwanted items. QM supports a private VOC file as an extension to the standard VOC, eliminating these problems.

Using the Private VOC

The private VOC is a multi-file named PVOC that has subfiles that are the uppercase version of the user's login name. The system will look for an item in the private VOC if it cannot be found in the standard VOC or as a catalogued program. Only command type items (verbs, sentences, paragraphs, menus or procs) are supported in the private VOC. Other record types such as file references, phrases or keywords are not supported.

The optional LOGIN, ON.EXIT, ON.LOGTO and ON.ABORT command scripts must reside in the standard VOC, not the private VOC.

There are extended forms of the .D, .L. .R and .S command stack editor operations named .DP, .LP, .RP and .SP that use the private VOC. Use of .SP will create the private VOC if it does not already exist.

Sharing the Private VOC

Although the intention of the private VOC is to allow an individual user to create personal command items, it is sometimes useful for a group of users to share the same private VOC. Because this file is located using a standard F-type VOC entry, there is no reason why two or more subfile names cannot point to the same physical file.

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