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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously.

Although we ask for your email address and other contact details when you request a licence, this information will not be divulged to anyone outside of Zumasys without your consent. If you purchase the software through a distributor or a dealer they will also need this information and we ask them to obey the same privacy rules.

We need your email address to send the licence and related material to you. When you register for an evaluation licence, you have the option to subscribe to a mailing list for the QM Newsletter. Any issues appearing during your evaluation period or for a short period afterwards will be sent to your registered email address if you choose subscribe. If you take out a full licence, you will automatically be subscribed but will receive an email offering to remove you from the list.

The QM Newsletter is issued with varying frequency but rarely more than once per quarter. Subscribing to this newsletter will not result in you receiving any other electronic communications from us. Obviously, if you subscribe to any public QM related mailing list such as the OpenQM Google Group, you are sharing your email address with other OpenQM users. We ask them to consider your privacy but have no control over their actions.

Our web site does not use cookies or any other information gathering technique. Also, you will not receive third party advertising as a result of visiting our site.