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QMClient Java Interface

The QMJava add-on provides an interface to the QMClient API from Java for use with commercially licensed QM systems.

As described below, there are two versions of this API. The application interfaces differ so switching from one to the other will require some code changes.

Pure Java Version

The "pure Java" version of the Java interface introduced at QM release 3.4-7 supercedes the older Java Native Interface (JNI) version below. Written totally in Java instead of using the platform dependent JNI libraries, this version is fully portable across all platforms.

This version is downloadable from the main downloads page.

JNI Version

Although the JNI version is unlikely to be developed further, it should continue to operate for the foreseeable future.

The downloadable items below are zip commpressed and include documentation in HTML format. All items included in the download may be freely distributed and used to interface with commercially licensed QM systems. See the readme.txt file included in the download for installation notes.

Right click on the Download text and select Save Target As. (Mac users should hold down the Apple key and click).

Version Description
2.4 Download Added support for Linux systems. This needs QMClient release 3.4-5 or later.
2.3 Download Added support for 64 bit Windows systems. This needs QMClient release 3.2-2 or later.
2.2 Download Added support for use on Android devices and the ability to access OO programming objects on the QM server. This needs QMClient release 3.0-8 or later.
2.0 Download Added handling of characters outside the 8-bit set. This needs QMClient release 3.0-6 or later
1.2 Download Initial post-beta release