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KnowledgeBase 00059: System Startup Scripts

Last updated: 27 Dec 2018
Applies to: All versions
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QM provides a facility whereby one or more commands can be executed automatically when QM is started. This is typically used to launch phantom processes that must be present at all times.

The STARTUP Configuration Parameter

The QM configuration parameters file may contain lines of the form

For each such line, QM will execute the command as part of the startup sequence. Where multiple STARTUP parameters are present, the order in which they run is not guaranteed.

By default, the command is executed in the QMSYS account and as the SYSTEM user on Windows or as root on Linux. This may be undesireable, giving the process too great an access level. The STARTUP parameter can be extended to be

   STARTUP=command; account username password
in which case the command is executed in the named account and as the specified user.

A process started by STARTUP will have the @TTY system variable set to "startup". This can be tested in paragraphs (e.g. the LOGIN paragraph) by a command such as

   IF  = 'startup' THEN STOP 

Improving Security

Because the QM configuration parameters file is usually readable by all users, it is not a good idea to include a plain text password in the STARTUP parameter. Instead, the password can be encrypted using the AUTHKEY command and the encrypted form prefixed with ENCR: used in the STARTUP parameter.

Persistent Processes

If the command executed by the STARTUP parameter will run for a long time, it may be best to use STARTUP to launch a phantom process.

   STARTUP=PHANTOM command; account username password

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